About Us

PJT the Ultimate KPI

We’re a close-knit team of innovators that obsess over creating the best results in marketing based around our proprietary PJT KPI’s. We focus on building out turnkey campaigns that can change your entire perspective.

Craving a marketing ally that dares to challenge the status quo and delivers measurable results? Look no further.

Zane Myers Creative Team

PJT - The KPI’s that make us different (and better)

1. Profits
2. Joy
3. Time

Picture this: our systems and team tackle the hard grind of finding buyers, booking meetings, and making sure they show up. 

Our tactics pull in ready-to-buy customers faster and with less legwork. Plus, we do this at a fraction of your current costs.


We're not just different, we believe we're a cut above the rest. Our secret sauce? Our razor-sharp focus on driving results through our critical PJT benchmarks. We're in the business of fueling your growth ambitions, of crafting a business and lifestyle teeming with Profits, Joy and Time.

We're not afraid to zig when others zag. We maneuver outside the conventional wisdom, choosing to pioneer our own path. But rest assured, every strategy we employ, every method we pioneer, is rooted in tangible, verifiable results. 


Our mission is to empower people and organizations to think outside the box, elevate their standards, and shatter their own benchmarks by defying traditional norms. We are committed to making both life and business Effortless, More Engaging, and concurrently, highly lucrative.

Our mission is to inspire and encourage car dealers, through creativity, to think differently, be better and achieve more than they ever thought possible by breaking norms and making their life and business Simpler, More Fun, and still grow and spin off profits.

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